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Please note that these materials are only suggested and supplementary and our inclusion of them is not an endorsement or guarantee of exam success. GOAL is an e-learning test prep tool for students to practice skills learned in class or from independent study. GOAL also includes instructor support.

No word yet on whether additional sample exams will be added. Rethink Studying has loads of free advice and resources specifically for passing actuarial exams.

Roy is the youngest person to ever achieve his FSA, at age Marcel B. FinanPh. Howard Mahler — sample study guides and test prep available on his website.

BPP Professional Education — free samples. PAK Study Materials — samples available. FREE Webinar: 6 Things Actuarial Students Should Be Doing, A free on-demand webinar outlining topics inclucing passing exams, enhancing technical skills and formulating a strategy to seek internship opportunities.

Skip to content Twitter RSS. BPP Professional Education — free samples PAK Study Materials — samples available Candidates should be aware that exam syllabi are constantly evolving and therefore not every prior question is relevant for the current exam.

Even so, the questions and solutions do provide guidance regarding the type of questions asked and appropriate responses. Like this: Like LoadingThe first step in any resuscitation is to make sure the rescuers you! Therefore, if your victim is in the middle of the highway or in a burning building, the first step is to move the victim to safety. Assuming you and the victim are in a safe location, the next step is to assess whether the patient is responsiv.

Adult BLS is slightly different if there is one provider solo or more than one provider team present. The difference between solo provider BLS and team BLS is that responsibilities are shared when more than one person is present.

For healthcare providers, the difference between a witnessed cardiac arrest and a victim who is found down is the order of the initial steps. Cardiac arrest is the sudden sensation cessation of blood flow to the tissues in brain the results from a heart that is not pumping effectively. Four rhythms may occur during cardiac arrest: ventricular fibrillation, pulseless ventricular tachycardia, pulseless electrical activity, and asystole.

While ACLS provides algorithms for each of these cardiac arrest rhythms, in the real world a patient may move between these rhythms during a single instance of cardiac arrest. Therefore, the provider must be able to accurately assess and adapt to changing circumstances. After every 2 minutes of CPR, check for a pulse and check the cardiac rhythm. If the rhythm has switched from shockable or to shockable, then switch algorithms.

This energy may come in the form of an automated external defibrillator AED defibrillator paddles, or defibrillator pads. VFib and VTach are treated with unsynchronized cardioversion, since there is no way for the defibrillator to decipher the disordered waveform. In fact, it is important not to provide synchronized shock for these rhythms.

Ventricular fibrillation is recognized by a disordered waveform, appearing as rapid peaks and valleys as shown in this ECG rhythm strip:. Ventricular tachycardia may provide waveform similar to any other tachycardia; however, the biggest difference in cardiac arrest is that the patient will not have a pulse and, consequently, will be unconscious and unresponsive.

Two examples of ventricular tachycardia are shown in this ECG rhythm strips. The first is narrow complex tachycardia and the second is wide complex tachycardia:. Pulseless electrical activity or PEA is a cardiac rhythm that does not create a palpable pulse is even though it should. A PEA rhythm can be almost any rhythm except ventricular fibrillation incl.

It represents a lack of electrical activity in the heart. It is critically important not to confuse true asystole with disconnected leads or an inappropriate gain setting on an in-hospital defibrillator.

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Asystole may also masquerade as a very fine ventricular fibrillation. If the ECG device is optimized and is functioning properly, a flatline rhythm is diagnosed as asystole. Note that asystole is also the rhythm one would expect from a person who has died. Consider halting ACLS efforts in people who have had prolonged asystole.

It is inappropriate to provide a shock to pulseless electrical activity or asystole. Cardiac function can only be recovered in PEA or asystole through the administration of medications. While cardiac arrest is more common in adults than respiratory arrest, there are times when patients will have a pulse but are not breathing or not breathing effectively e.

A person who has a pulse but is not breathing effectively is in respiratory arrest. When you encounter a patient in need, you will not know he or she is in respiratory arrest, so perform a BLS survey:.

In ACLS, the term airway is used to refer both to the pathway between the lungs and the outside world and victim in the devices that help keep that airway open. As if the victim may have experienced head or neck trauma, airway management should include a jaw thrust, which leaves the head and neck unmoved, but which opens up the airway.

A nasopharyngeal airway, which extends from the nose to the pharynx, can be used in both conscious and unconscious patients. An oropharyngeal airway can only be used in unconscious patients because it may stimulate the gag reflex.

Advanced airways such as endotracheal tubes ET tubes and laryngeal mask airways LMAs usually require specialized training, but are useful in-hospital resuscitations especially LMAs.These documents are intended to serve as resources for teachers and learners. They provide notes, examples, problem-solving exercises with solutions and examples of practical activities. How to obtain maximum benefit from these resources. These resources contain many problem-solving exercises, quantitative-type questions and qualitative-type questions.

The reason for this is that learners can improve their understanding of concepts if given the opportunity to answer thought provoking questions and grapple with problem-solving exercises both in class, as classwork activities and outside the classroom as homework activities. Information for Certification certification dbe. Self Study Guides Grade 10 - Self Study Guides for Grades 10 - 12 These documents are intended to serve as resources for teachers and learners.

How to obtain maximum benefit from these resources These resources contain many problem-solving exercises, quantitative-type questions and qualitative-type questions. Accounting Booklet Analysis and Interpretation. Accounting Budgeting.

Accounting Cash Flow Statements. Business Studies - Business Operation. Business Studies - Business Roles. Business Studies - Business Ventures. Geography Map Book.

Mathematics - Analytical Geometry. Mathematics - Functions. Mathematics - Trigonometry. Mathematics Literacy - Book 1. Mathematics Literacy - Book 2. Mathematics Literacy - Book 3. Physical Science - Electric circuits.They're our gift to you! To download, click here to Register or to Sign-In to your account.

Need help downloading a file? Click here for more information. Developing covenant faith requires an absolute, total belief that what God said will be done! Nothing will be impossible for you! Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Taking the Word to the world. Watch Downloads. Follow KCM. Download Notes. Developing Covenant Faith. April 13, — April 17, God Is a Covenant-Making God. April 6, — April 10, Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Greg Stephens. The Blood Covenant of God.

March 30, — April 3, March 23, — March 27, Bulldog Faith - Part 2. March 16, — March 20, Bulldog Faith - Part I.Simple, intuitive, and flexible: Notes software that makes it easy to record what's most important. And our Notes are specifically designed for learning. No matter how extensive your study resources become, you can always arrange them neatly across multiple pages and easily sort through them using the Board feature for an at-a-glance overview.

The board preview highlights images and embedded resources enhancing the visual impact of your Notes. With GoConqr Notes software you have the opportunity to go beyond simple notes. Create media-rich Notes by incorporating images, videos, links or other GoConqr learning resources for a more complete learning experience.

Try adding quizzes or mind maps for more in-depth analysis and understanding. So learn from others. There is no doubt that learning is easier when you can rely on the support of other learners.

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Find Out More. Company's Name. Company size 1 - 10 More than How can we help? Thanks for getting in touch, your message was sent successfully. A member of the team will be in touch shortly, thanks!This study is intended to give you a working knowledge of the book of James and can be used alone or in a group setting.

To the study in the way it was designed, you can:. Listen to the audio teaching for that week, either together or on your own.

Some groups listen to the teaching before they gather to discuss a particular week. You can do that, too. Just know that the homework is intended to raise questions, the discussion time is intended to grapple with questions, and the teaching time is intended to resolve questions.

You are free to make up to 50 copies of any of this workbook without requesting permission to do so. No alterations may be made to the document wording or layout. No price may be charged for the workbook beyond the actual printing cost. There is no charge for the workbook download, but if you would like to send a contribution, you can do so via Paypal to jenwilkin.

Please note contributions are not tax-deductible.

free study notes

Looking for an online version of the Bible to use for printing a copy of the text? You can copy a chapter at a time from www. Download the Bible App Now. Jen Wilkin. Back Meet Jen Doctrinal Statement. Back Request Jen to Speak Calendar. Back Articles Audio Videos Downloads.

To the study in the way it was designed, you can: Download the workbook below. Read the foreword to get an overview of the study method. Work through the homework for a given week. Gather with a group of women to discuss the homework.

James: Living a life of Genuine Faith Download the Workbook You are free to make up to 50 copies of any of this workbook without requesting permission to do so.

free study notes

Last Name. Please send me instructions on how to send a contribution via check for this free resource. Access the Audio. Looking for more free resources?

Matthew - Part 1. Matthew - Part 2.Are you in search of free UPSC study materials? ClearIAS online study materials are one of the most simple and easy-to-learn notes on any subject.

This post contains links to all ClearIAS online study materials, which are completely free. Our mission is to make your learning an enjoyable experience. Each subject is divided into topics and sub-topics. Some of the most popular ebooks PDFs which you should not miss include:. You need standard textbooks to learn many subjects mentioned in the UPSC syllabus.

As you may know, only when tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking, you can improve the ability to deliver in the actual exam hall.

free study notes

All the best! Rank required depends upon the number of vacancies each year Girish…It also depends on your category. For last few years, around vacancies are reported for all the 24 Civil Services combined.

Around half of the seats come under reservation. Sir, myself Minto OOmmen John. Im preparing for IAS Exam next year… can you suggest some study materials which includes books which cover all the basic syllabus. Sir I have completed my engineering in previous yr. Sir I have completed my engineering with computer science.

You can take any subject of interest. If you like political science you may take that optional. Sir, Bca degree is enough for graduation. When you prepare notes, prepare it point-wise for each topic and not question-answer mode.

Apart from this, you need to write and practice answers for different questions. Try you own questions as well as previous questions by UPSC.

free study notes

This writing practice will surely turnout highly useful for mains. Every subject including Maths has its own plus and minus. The below mentioned link might give you better insights. Take a decision based on your interest. Sir, What should do the weak students for IAS pre and mains in accurate 1year? Please give your valuable advise now. Actually we cant judge one year preparation is sufficient to crack IAS. It depends on person to person.


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