Vw cc p2015

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Add Complaint. I went to store came back out car was driving fine on the way when I came back ot it wouldn't start had it towed to my mechanic no compression it tries to star but just turns over he says I need a new motor a used motor for the car is like aand that's just too buy not have the old one took it and the new one installed I called Volkswagen in coleraine mechanic tells ne the engine in those cars juat go ot without any reason so need less to say im being sued by a car dealership for something I canr even drive something needs to be done I see many of people having the same B problem - Columbus, GA, USA.

Car stuttered right before I parked in a parking spot turned off car, went in a store came back out and car would not start, just cranks but wont turn over. Timing chain tensioner failure. Loss of 4 cylinder compression. Need complete engine replacement.

A known problem with 2. Search CarComplaints. My car has been burning oil like crazy once it reached 95, miles.

I've always go my oil changed on time professionally. I have to keep oil in my car because it burns so fast. When I accelerate black smoke comes out the tailpipe. I got my oil changed April 12th and by April 28th my engine shut off light was flashing The 2. I am extremely blessed that I noticed the car was acting funny and exited off the highway. It's ridiculous to me how the timing chain could cause that much damage to the engine.

It's extremely upsetting that after I sent my vehicle in for issues with a recall, fuel pump, that my vehicle would just self destruct like this - Fort Worth, TX, USA.

vw cc p2015

The contact owns a Volkswagen Cc. While driving 25 mph, the vehicle started to decelerate and lost power. Also, the epc warning indicator illuminated. The contact was able to coast the vehicle to the side of the road. After thirty minutes, the vehicle restarted and was driven to the contact's residence. While the vehicle was idling, the failure recurred and the vehicle stalled. The vehicle was later taken to piazza Volkswagen of ardmore w lancaster ave, ardmore, pawhere it was diagnosed that the low pressure fuel pump failed and needed to be replaced.

The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure but did not offer assistance.Enter your email address below to be notified when this product is no longer on back order. Your email address will only be used for the notification of this product and deleted afterward.

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Add Another Video. Does NOT Fit. Does Fit. If you've recently been struck with the dreaded P trouble code for a faulty intake manifold runner flap that plagues so many thousands of Gen1 2. The linkage within the intake manifold runner flap that connects to the vacuum actuated arm can break at it's drive hex, and allows the lever arm to "pop" out of the intake manifold, sometimes creating a massive air leak while becoming disconnected from the drive hex.

The ECS Tuning Lever Arm Fix Kit effectively clamps the lever arm back into the intake manifold, maintaining the needed amount of contact to keep the lever arm locked into the drive hex and maintaining a positive seal within the intake manifold.

Save time and money with this easy fix kit. The cap is held to the intake manifold by three evenly positioned set screws that capture the intake manifold webbing, preventing the cap and subsequent lever arm from ever becoming disconnected from the drive linkage and intake manifold. Choose the THIN. We ensured the highest level of precision and quality is delivered throughout rigorous long term product testing and leading edge product development methods.

Looking for installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish! ECS Tuning is not affiliated with any automobile manufacturers. At least one option needs to be selected. There was an error submitting your request, please try again. Offered with free shipping.

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vw cc p2015

Sponsored by. No purchase necessary. See official rules. Add File. YouTube Link Add Video. Add Document. Availability: In Stock.These engines have an intake manifold runner position flap that is controlled by vacuum operated regulator valve. The regulator valve is controlled by vacuum and moves the flap. Two problems show up in this system. First, the vacuum lines and vacuum tee can accumulate debris and carbon, preventing air flow.

Second, the regulator valve can become detached from the flap. VW has issued a service bulletin 24 17 03 on this problem. Inspect the linkage from the vacuum diaphragm connected to the intake runner flap. If it is broken, it must be replaced. Next, check the runner flap position sensor located on the side by the oil filter.

Check the wiring for damage or corrosion. Check the black wire at pin 1 for a 5-volt reference signal. Check the brown wire for good ground. The green wire is the return signal to the ECM indicating flap position.

The solenoid pulses engine vacuum to the regulator valve to move the runner flap. These are Teflon seals and require a special tool to install. Improper installation or installation without the tool will damage the seals and cause an intake air leak that WILL cause a lean code.

Unlike the cheaper Haynes and Chilton manuals that cover multiple year models, leaving the exact information you need to fix your car, these professional manuals cover your exact year, make, model. Plus, they contain full trouble code descriptions and troubleshooting instructions. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Find this article useful? Share it! Tags VW P Prominent words controlled by vacuum flap flap position intake manifold intake manifold runner intake manifold runner position manifold runner manifold runner position move the runner move the runner flap position sensor regulator valve regulator valve to move runner flap runner position vacuum to the regulator vacuum to the regulator valve valve to move valve to move the runner vw pWe are also constantly updating our Genuine VW parts selection to give you the best possible selection of parts.

If there is anything you cannot find in our catalog please contact us and our knowledgeable customer service team will help you locate the part you need, fast.

Current No. Genuine VW. Intended as affordable transportation for Germany's prewar working class masses the Type 1 ultimately carved out a foothold for VW worldwide as the Beetle. Accepting the torch from the Type 1 were the Golf, Scirocco and Polo, all based on the Audi 50 and enormous successes that defined the form and function of compact cars for the foreseeable future.

Current Offerings from VW implement direct injection, turbocharging, variable valve timing and common rail diesel injection once again bringing class leading performance and fuel economy to the people. Sometimes advanced, proprietary systems require genuine parts. With a comprehensive inventory of Genuine VW parts and an extensive network of resources eEuroparts.

If this is not the exact Intake Manifold you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Genuine VW, please contact us and one of our customer service experts will help you locate the exact part you need. Kits items from eEuroparts. Below you will find kits containing this item. If a part fails, the original purchaser can purchase a replacement product, process an RMA for the defective item, and return the item for a credit of the original purchase price of that item.

vw cc p2015

We will not provide a replacement or credit for any part not purchased directly from our store. This warranty is not transferable. Only the original purchaser of the part can receive a credit after they have purchased a replacement. You must purchase a replacement part at the current price for that specific item prior to receiving any credit.

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Want to narrow your results? We are processing a warranty replacement order for you. Warranty replacement orders add a "hold" to your credit card in the amount of the replacement order.The Vehicle had been bought to the workshop to find out why the engine light is coming on, a quick scan revealed a error also known as p fault intake manifold flap position sensor fault improbable. Scanning the vehicle With The Bosch KTS system showed the p fault and the location, the location of the unit is on the right hand side [picture 1] of the motor and the manifold flap is vacuum controlled via a vsv solenoid that moves the vacuum diaphragm to the desired position, if you remove the vacuum lines and test the vacuum with vac gauge to confirm vac diaphragm works, will save a lot of wasted time.

Clearly we had a sticking vacuum solenoid. We ordered a new unit and test drove the vehicle again and again to confirm that the vehicle was now free from errors.

After carrying out basic setting and fault codes are cleared it is best to test drive the vehicle to confirm the issue is now gone it may take more that a small test drive to confirm the fault is eradicated.

vw cc p2015

Facebook Like us. Recent work. Call today for a quote.This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.


Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic. A P fault code is generated when the transmission control module TCM or powertrain control module PCM detects a problem between the output shaft speed signals and the input shaft speed signals. The control module perceives this problem as a mechanical disengagement of the gears, and can result in poor shift quality and drivability issues.

An unexpected mechanical gear disengagement occurs when the PCM suspects that the output shaft speed sensor is malfunctioning in some way. The way the code is programed varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the basic idea is that the system will detect an error when the gears are, or are about ready, to shift. If the output speed is not gradually increasing an increase that occurs until a gear shift is completeas it does with normal functioning, then the system will detect an error.

Some makes and models will require many system failures before a service engine light is triggered. The most common causes of the P code are due to a malfunctioning output speed sensor or an input speed sensor. There can also be other mechanical failures that cause the code to trigger including:.

There are many noticeable associated symptoms of the P code, but this is not always the case:. The P code can be properly diagnosed with an advanced scanner OBD-II scan tool and a digital voltmeter, and, in some cases, an oscilloscope.

If the scanning indicates an erratic output signal, as opposed to an erratic input signal, then the technician can assume that the unexpected mechanical gear disengagement is due to a problem with the output speed sensor, and make the diagnosis as such.

In other cases, mechanical problems are possible, i. At this point, any leaks in the transmission should be repaired, and the proper transmission fluid should be drained and refilled. If not, the transmission will be used under normal conditions for tests and reassessment.

One common mistake when misdiagnosing the P code is attempting to diagnose the problem as a fault with engine speed, rather than a problem with internal transmission speeds. Another common misdiagnoses is replacing the vehicle speed sensor, when the problem is in fact the transmission.

A proper visual inspection of the transmission, along with a digital inspection of the electrical system components with the proper tools, can help avoid misdiagnoses. Additional inspections and tests may be necessary. In some cases, a check engine light may be the only noticeable symptom of a P fault.

A visual inspection of all wiring, connectors and components will be part of the initial inspection. Any wires that are damaged, contaminated, or corroded will need to be replaced. In any case, the transmission will need to undergo a thorough inspection. In the event that the transmission checks out after inspection, one or more sensors might need to be replaced.

If no codes return, the situation might be intermittent, which is difficult to diagnose. In some cases, the situation might need to worsen before a correct diagnosis can be made. Any electrical replacements will require reprogramming of the PCM. It is possible that electrical-related codes occur constantly or intermittently. In the situation where the codes occur intermittently, additional time might be necessary for the situation to worsen before the issue can be properly diagnosed.

The nature of a triggered P code is diverse, and a solution can range from easy to diagnose and fix, to time consuming and difficult. If tests of the electronic system determine that the system is functioning properly, further inspection of the transmission will be necessary to determine whether or not the issue is mechanical, which can also require multiple test and several hours.

In some cases, and usually with vehicles with high mileage, the transmission might need to be replaced, or undergo a rebuild. However, replacing certain parts based on an assumed common issue is not recommended since no problem has been positively diagnosed. Assuming a quick fix could cause more problems, or simply render the issue unsolved.

YourMechanic offers certified mobile mechanics who will come to your home or office to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Get a quote and book an appointment online or speak to a service advisor at With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether.

They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance. Cost of diagnosing the P code.User Name Remember Me?

P Code, Fix or Nah? On my '11 JSW with just over 98k, the p code showed up. I know dieselgeek sells the fix, but what is it going to hurt to drive it for a little while with this bad? What will it hurt? My plan, is to sell her back around May when I pay off my student loans. We got the code about a month ago. Drove 3hrs to my closest dealer and tried to see if they would fix it on good faith as some stories are out there of just such a thing happening No go, even after having a fairly detailed conversation with the service manager on the phone before going.

My wife has noticed some stuttering and rough idling - If she's noticing it I know it must be bad. As seen a sharp drop in fuel mileage but that could also be due to the drop in temp and stations switching to winter blends. Do not know if this is true. I'm planning to have mine fixed in about a week. I hate that yellow light.

I'm also planning to keep my car at the moment, so I also signed up for the CP3 pump upgrade. There is a large p thread. No one has ever really noticed any difference in performance, fuel economy, roughness, etc based on this code alone.

There is no limp mode that happens because of this, causing your car to perform any differently. It's a resistance issue that pops the code, but it really doesn't matter. I've had my manifold replaced, dg bracket installed, a good motor installed, wiring harness replaced this was itand then installed my DG bracket back on does prevent butterfly from wearing down.

All the different situations and the car hasn't run differently throughout. Find More Posts by kooyajerms. I just cleared the code with my P3Cars gauge! That was nice! I've already looked closely with VCDS and saw it was intermittent. Both started pretty recently. I cleared them once and one time they cleared on their own after a number of miles and a number of starts and stops. But tis time I just got rid of it right away with the P3Cars gauge.

I liked that! Originally Posted by kooyajerms. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.


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