Wearing a cowboy hat in texas

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So, that leaves the weekends. Of course, etiquette dictates that I should not wear a hat indoors. But, really, most of my leisure activity is spent indoors, not outside.

So, really, given this, what are my cowboy hat wearing opportunities? Or, to reverse my question, for guys who do wear cowboy hats, when and where do they wear them? If you can take a second question on this, what sort of footwear goes with a cowboy hat, besides cowboy boots? Last edited: Aug 31, Acct Connoisseur - Moderator.

Where can I actually wear a cowboy hat?

What part of the country do you live in? Does anyone else wear them where you live? In Michigan, where I live, you could wear it to a lot of casual occasions unless it was unduly ornate. You might stand out a bit, but you seem to be brave enough to handle that.

Some people wear them sometimes, although it is not anywhere near predominant. Dan- Starting Member. Do you live on a farm? Do you live in Texas? Are you outside?

Cavender's Western Wear

I say treat them like boat shoes. Lushington Senior Member. Sounds like you're all hat and no cattle. If you have to ask when and where to wear a cowboy hat, you really shouldn't be wearing one at all. Cowboys know.

EP Active Member with Corp. Probably only "practical" when riding a horse, in which case you would want to wear boots too. Hi timmbbo, It seems to me that you actually have a pretty good handle on when you can and can't wear the hat.

It appears your underlying issue is a sort-of wistfulness that you don't find yourself in more situations in which wearing a cowbow hat is appropriate.Cattlemen wear them.

Horsemen wear them. Texans wear them. It is part of the dress of cowboys, yes. But these hats are not the sole domain of cowboys. And those who dress the part have not necessarily earned the moniker.

Real cowboys — not the drugstore variety — are a very tough breed. Felt hats are not worn before Labor Day, or before the first chilly day of the year, for that matter.

wearing a cowboy hat in texas

If you want to look like you are from out of state, then go on and wear that black or gray felt hat in the middle of the summer. Cavalry Stetsons are exempt from this rule. They are an Army thing and outside the bounds of Texas hat etiquette. Texas civilian attire, however, is an entirely different matter. You are in my arena now.

Cowboy up and deal with it. If you are caught in a flood, then go on and wear those denim pants that stop just shy of the tops of your ankles. Show off your boot stitching. Regardless of the brand of denim you choose, your jeans should have enough fabric to break at least three times over the tops of your boots. But for the love of Sam Houston, please make sure your britches are the right length and not too tight. Speaking of boots, whatever your brand or model, make sure you have the right boot for the right situation.

Ropers are fine for everyday wear if you wish. Ropers are designed for calf-roping. They are made to slip out of the stirrups easily. I own a pair of ropers, but for me, they are a fashion choice, not a riding boot.

But, again, they are more of a fashion statement than a functional boot, unless of course you need to kill cockroaches. And then that pointy toe suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. Lace-up boots became popular about 20 years ago. They remind me of the boots my great-aunt Linz used to wear. She was in her nineties when I knew her and she was a genuine East Texas hillbilly. She wore her hair piled up on top of her head for as long as I can remember and I think she used to spit tobacco, even though I never actually saw her do it.Jimmy Harrison cowboy hats from Darby, Montana.

Flat hatters. While a Hawaiian cowboy or paniolo, has been known to wear a floral lei around the hat band. Jimmy The Hat Man Harrison.

Cowboy Hat: What It Says About You

Harrison had brought his gorgeous hats to the ranch for our shopping pleasure after a multi-day Klicks for Chicks trail ride into the Bitterroot Mountains. Harrison has been making custom cowboy hats since when he apprenticed under a local hat maker from Dillon, Montana.

I asked Tony Thompson if there was any hat etiquette when it came to wearing a straw hat or felt hat. Thompson said that the day after Thanksgiving is felt hat time, while the day after Easter ushers in straw hat season, unless you are from Arizona or New Mexico.

The southwest cowboys wear felt hats year round according to Thompson. Do you wear your felt hat year round? If you wear a straw hat, which time of year signals the change of cowboy hats for you? Have you seen the Butteri cowboys from Italy? Cowboys from the Maremma region of Italy, have been herding Maremmana cattle for centuries. The sombrero, with its high pointed crown and wide brim is unique to the charro. My husband was kind enough to buy me a custom cowboy hat for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I had a stampede string put on my hat because it inevitably blows off when I am loping or if a strong wind comes up.

wearing a cowboy hat in texas

How do they keep their hats on their head? Nancy D. I really liked this article. Very fun. I also think you can tell a lot about a fella by his choice of hat. If you folks ever get around to doing an article on gaited mules, look me up. I train gaited mules and horses. Your hat has experienced a lot of life! I had no idea there was such a thing as a gaited mule. Thanks for leaving your website information. Further research is needed on this interesting topic.

Rock Creek Ranch Cowgirl with felt hat. Texas cowboy Bob Bratcher. Hawaiian cowboy from Maui. Ahsan Idrisi January 23, at am. Burl L Brooks January 24, at pm. Brown January 24, at pm.A perfect hat for any occasion. Get your's today at South Texas Tack! Get ready for summer with the Adam Raffia straw hat by Wyeth. A perfect addition for your summer style collection.

Looking for a cool fedora that is a very unique color, but will go with almost anything? Wyeth's Archie Wheat Straw Hat is just that.

This hat is so cool and perfect for warm weather. Features an adjustable sweatband to fit almost everyone. Everyone wants a comfortable hat. Re-shaping not recommended. This hat has a lovely brown bound edge. Everyone wants a comfortable and unique hat. With a 2. This hat has a lovely wide black band.

This hat is a very soft and comfortable hat.

Mesquite Police Officers Begin Wearing Cowboy Hats

This hat has a lovely black band. Cowboys, you're sure to be looking your best wearing this Rodeo King 24k hat! Well hello cowboy! Don't you look spiffy in your new Rodeo King 24k hat! Where did you get that hat? The value of quality and service from Rodeo King is exceptional.

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This jute cowboy hat has an open crown and a 5 inch brim that are both ready for shaping. The two cord hat band is brown and the open crown is fully vented. This straw Rodeo King cowboy hat is 25X. Both are ready for shaping to your personal taste. The crown is fully vented and has a two cord hat band.

Guy Bell on how to wear a cowboy hat the RIGHT way!

The two cord is brown. This jute straw cowboy hat is 25X. Resistol has you covered for Summer at South Texas Tack! The Resistol Brantley 4. Get yours today! Happy Summer Y'all!

Wheat Ridge Color is the goto color for Summer ! Get yours today at South Texas Tack!! Regular Oval. Drilex Sweatband.The presence of women usually causes them to change their ways for the better. My husband does that, as do most of the old-timers. I was taught that you take off your hat or cap in a home, church, restaurant or theater. In a public building, you can keep it on, but if you go into a courtroom, you better take it off, otherwise the judge will nail you.

If a kid entered my room and forgot my rule, all I had to do was point to my head, and the hat was swept off and placed out of sight. Fewer people wear hats now. That is still a no-no.

A man who wears a Stetson treats it like gold, and so should the rest of the world! Hat Rule 1: Do not touch my hat. Also, a grandchild may do whatever they want to a cowboy hat, short of sleeping in it. It is, after all, just a hat. This even includes mamas from other nations. Moms are sacred and every cowboy knows it. You know, the one who never thought you were good enough to marry her daughter. If you do, though, you must be prepared to fight your ex-wife, her mother and whoever is sleeping with the two sluts at the time of the entry.

Hat Rule 3: Tip your hat like you mean it. Hat Rule 4: Wearing Hats Indoors is complicated.

wearing a cowboy hat in texas

Many cowboys have been in the armed services where it was drilled in to them to take off their lid when they are indoors. When in doubt—doff it. This can be dicey if you see someone you know at a table when you are sitting at the counter, with your hat on. If you approach your friend at the table you can say hi and keep your hat on, but if you sit down, the hat must come off. It is perfectly acceptable to wear your hat, as you cross the dining room towards the door, but do not dilly dally, or the hat must come off.

But, so many fights broke out when hats got bumped during dances that there are still places—mostly in Texas—where there is a hard and fast rule that you must take your hat off while dancing.

Hat Rule 8: Beware of Hat Rules. If a cowboy insists on you adhering to these hat rules, try and keep a wide berth. Who needs all these damn rules anyhow? Skip to content. My Account Blog. Hat Rule 4: Wearing Hats Indoors is complicated Many cowboys have been in the armed services where it was drilled in to them to take off their lid when they are indoors.

Exception: Ha! There is no exception to this sexist and ridiculous rule. Post Views: 90, Related Posts. From about until the late s, one style of hat reigned supreme on the….

The right hat can make all the difference in a Western. Just think back to….Today : Did cowboy wear cowboy hats? The derby—also known as the bowler. Photos of the Wild Bunch from and clearly show the gang—Harry A. Famous gunslinger and gambler Bat Masterson also favored the derby. The classic photo of American West gunfighter Billy the Kid depicts the outlaw wearing what resembles a top hat. Wild Bill Hickok was photographed in a flat, pancake hat.

An photo of Jesse James shows the outlaw in a low-crowned cap with an upturned brim. Men commonly wore hats on the American frontier, and derby hats were functional for various occasions. Most photographs from that time feature men wearing them and one of the reasons they were popular is because they stayed on in windy conditions. Frontiersman typically wore hats related to their employment, and they were commonly made of beaver fur-felt and were natural in color.

In addition to the derby, men wore flat wool caps, Mexican sombreros, or old Civil War hats such as the kepi. As for the ten-gallon hat, it would have been impractical, even if it was impressive to 20th-century moviegoers. Famous lawmen such as Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp wore low-crowned hats because giant cowboy hats would have made them easy targets for adversaries. It featured a high crown and wide brim and looked a bit like an Amish hat.

It was waterproof and shielded the wearer from elements such as the sun and rain. He created the iconic headwear, which features a crease in the middle of a high crown with a dent on each side, allowing the wearer to remove it by the crown instead of the brim. The rest is history. By the s, cowboys took to customizing their hats, and inMontgomery Ward Catalog sold hats that allowed men to shape the crowns and brim to suit their preferences.

Sign up for our Newsletter and get weird news and exclusive offers to Ripley's, delivered straight to your inbox! You have selected carefully the pictures to prove your point. Not an adequate selection. Hat fashions changed in the old west just as they do today.

Boss of the Plains was the hat of choice in north west, broader brims were more popular in the south west, varying by region. Yes Bat Masterson wore a derby but he lived in town, and who knows where Jesse James got that thing.

None of those people you mention except Billy the Kid briefly was a cowboy.You never want to set it down on a flat surface with the brim-side down. Well, hats have a memory. The crown is stiffer than the brim and tends to hold its shape better. When I take my straw hat off after wearing it all day I have a noticeable red spot on my forehead where it grips my skull. Hats expand with heat, so if your hat is tight, it will loosen up on a warm day when you are sweating. The reason for the tight hat is simple.

When you are riding, whether at a rodeo or out trailing cows on a ranch, the last thing you want is to be getting off your horse every five minutes chasing that fancy new hat. If you have a herd of cows bunched up and you have to go chasing after your hat, your whole operation will crumble down around you. Plus, a brand new hat can look worn out in a hurry after being blown across the Nevada desert.

My dad feels so strongly about the importance of keeping ones hat on ones head, that he has been known to tell his cutting horse customers that if their hat falls off while they are competing, they will receive an automatic 60 the lowest score you can get. I know a few have actually believed him. Your final option for keeping your hat on without squeezing your melon so tightly is to add a stampede string.

Just note, that you will rarely see a stampede string on a rodeo cowboy and I think there are a lot of traditional cowboys that have a hard time drilling holes in their hat for the string. That being said, if you are comfortable with it, go for it. It is a far better alternative than chasing your hat through the sagebrush. One final note on keeping your hat on, pay attention to the brim size. This may be more of a superstition than a hard and fast rule, per se, but I know some folks who would sooner chew off their arm than allow this to happen.

It is well-known in the rodeo world that if your hat is set on the bed, usually by someone other than you, that you might as well turn out basically pull out out of the rodeo that day because the cards are stacked against you in a big way. Step 1: Spit in the hat. Step 2: Throw the hat on the ground. Step 3: Stomp on the hat. Personally, I think I would have a hard time stomping on a perfectly good hat, but to each his own.


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